Ford Credit Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Ford Credit Login:


Ford Credit Login Instructions

1. Enter the Ford Credit Login Homepage URL to your browser:

2. Find the Log in box located at the left side of their homepage, just below the "Buy or Lease" option button.

You can also access their Log in page directly through this link:

3. Enter your Username to the provided textbox.

4. Enter your Password to the provided textbox.

5. Click the "Remember Username" only if you are using a personal computer.

6. Clcik the Login button to finalize the log in process.



Ford Credit Login Reset Instructions:

1. Enter the Ford Credit Homepage URL to your browser: and find the log in box located below the "Buy or Lease" button at the left side of the homepage.

Or you can directly access their log in area through this link:

2. If you accidentally forgot your username, select the link of "username" in the "Forgot your username or password?". On the other hand, select the link "password" if you accidentally forgot your password.'

3. Resetting your passoword will redirect you to this page:

Retrieving your username will redirect you to this page:

4. To reset your password, some information will be required. For instance, you should fill in your current username and account number. On the other hand, to retrieve your username, you should put in your account number.

5. After filling up these necessary information in the reset and retrieve pages, click the "verify" button to continue and finalize the needed process.


Contact details: 

Still having trouble? You can directly contact Ford Credit in the contact numbers and services links provided below:

Online Customer Support

Phone Customer Support: Your Account, Account Manager, Payment Information, General Inquiries

Monday-Friday, 7 AM to 8 PM CT

Saturday, 7 AM to 5 PM CT


1-800-727-7145 (TDD for the hearing impaired)

E-mail form: